Who is Ibz Mo?

Cambridge University and Hackney raised student, Ibrahim Mohammed experienced hardship during his secondary education, facing bullying from pupils, staff and family. At the age of 18, he decided to live independently and provide for himself financially. Despite only obtaining 2 B’s, 3 C’s and 2 D’s at GCSE, Ibrahim continued to study for his A levels at Bsix College, Hackney and achieved A*A*A. Ibrahim has been described by his college as a ‘superstar’, having always encouraged himself, friends, and even teachers during tough times. During his GAP year Ibrahim became a successful A level tutor with 100% of his students obtaining improved grades, and he had been made an offer from Wolfson College, University of Cambridge to read Human, Social and Political Science for 2016. During his first year at Cambridge, Ibrahim had documented his time as an ethnic minority and a working-class student via YouTube and his channel, alongside the online community he has created have grown rapidly. Ibrahim’s YouTube Channel and slogan ‘Bring Them Your Seasoning’ encourages, motivates and inspires students, with similar background to him, to apply to top UK universities and achieving high A level results through his unique style. The Guardian, We are Unicorn, The Access platform, Debut, Deliveroo & Currys/Pc World have worked with Ibrahim to help break down inaccurate stereotypes of students that have discouraged many ethnic minorities and working class student from applying to elite universities. 

Julie Scott